In pursuit of an "effective vision" for your life

Let’s use the biblical figure of Nehemiah to illustrate the effective pursuit of a vision for one’s life.  Nehemiah got the war-damaged city of Jerusalem back together and functioning as it was supposed to. He organized the people to rebuild the city’s wall. He instituted social and spiritual reform. He got the temple operating again,
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Christian Business Ambassadors

Category : Christian Business An ambassador is a dignitary, whose full-time job is to live for a period (usually years) in a foreign land, intentionally building relationships with the people native to that land and purposefully representing to those people the desires of his king. He is a person considered to be important because of
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Reproducing You

You can “teach“…what you know, but you “reproduce“… what you are! With any luck, “what” you reproduce will be “what” you taught and what you stand for…not a clone of, or a mini-you! Those values taught, can be internal references for what is good, beneficial, important, useful and constructive, and will generate appropriate, individual behaviors.
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Infusion of Healing Rain

  “Infusion of Healing Rain“- (Event) APRIL 1-5 2015 Laying before the Lord, infused in His presence, seeking to know His heart! It is, an intimate time where we place ourselves in a posture of rest in the Lord’s presence while listening to anointed music created to impart to our spirit, and bypass our mind.
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A value add, can increase the knowledge you need to succeed, give meaning to your life, which gives you a sense of significance; and will refine your preferences concerning appropriate courses of action and outcomes.