Most people lead their lives following a course that is not their own! Unless you can find a course that is truly your own…you remain…off course! When you take a path other than the one that you were designed to walk on…you betray your own self!  When you betray yourself…you are no different than the
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You can’t change the world standing still! Neither can you change yourself! The most dangerous position to be in is a “casual” one. “Que` serah serah…whatever will be, will be”…is a casual attitude. Stop complaining, shake your own self and get moving! It will make a difference to the life you touch!

It's time.....

It’s who you are, and the way you live, that count before God. Your worship must engage your spirit, in the pursuit of truth. These are the kind of people the Father is looking for: those who are simply… and honestly… themselves! Real…before him in their worship. God is an absolute, complete being Himself—He is Spirit.
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"Serving Your Purpose"

Procrastination will never produce Purpose! “Fixen-to” people will never accomplish anything! (fitten-to people are those who are always “fixen-to” do something-though they never get around to doing it) They never accomplish anything! They never get anything done and backdate their own progress! Another 10 years of “fixen-to” will put you out of the game, completely!  “Now” is
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//×150.jpg” width=”150″ height=”150″ />You can’t be disappointed in yourself, if you are not depending on  yourself! Trust in God! His grace will change you and help you to be what you want to be and, what you were designed to be! 


A WORD TO FELLOW-BELIEVERS… Speaking truth as “you see it“, is not necessarily speaking “The Truth,” as God has defined it!  Your truth is defined as a level “of” the ultimate truth! Your truth is simply your reality! Living “your” reality is not necessarily living “the truth,” and …being true to “your” reality will not necessarily get you
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The Appointment

Does your life have real meaning? Do you often wonder what your destiny is? Why you exist? Whether there is a reason for your life? Have you asked these questions? If so, you are not alone – these questions have baffled and confused people through the ages. Never Underestimate The Value Of Your Life. From
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BIG Thinking...

It’s hard to think BIG when “small” has its grip on you! Small-mind, small thoughts, small expectations, small expressions, small prayers… Many times, your “small” has control because you are walking by sight, feelings, circumstances, economics and what you have, or don’t have, in the bank! You must develop a habit of thinking BIG! Ask BIG of God! He
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and the Grammy goes to....

Psalm 1      The Message Bible (parallel edition) 1 How well God must like you—(the uncompromisingly righteous) you don’t hang out at Sin Saloon, you don’t slink along Dead-End Road, you don’t go to Smart-Mouth College.   2-3 Instead you thrill to God’s Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. You’re a tree replanted in
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Today, someone posted this to the newsfeed of my facebook page. I thought it to be very applicable to expand on the idea of looking for true qualities when developing personal relationships, partnerships and business endeavors. The qualities listed, (motivated, respectful, can lead by example, is available, sets goals & pursues them, responsible, not easily moved,
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Living Proof...

During the times of the holidays, a lot of us feel (remembering the memories) the loss of love ones (especially our parents) and are sadden. I thought back to the blessedness of being who I was groomed to be, and having the parents I had. When you’re 16 and rebellious, they seem like an un-cool
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Psalm 103, assures us of the many benefits that originate from our conversion, or newbenefits birth: forgiveness, validation, blessing, recovery, freedom, healing, and empowerment, to name a few.

No matter what you may be facing today, forget not His benefits! God wants to satisfy you with good things. If you need healing today, healing is a benefit. If you’ve made mistakes in your life, forgiveness is a benefit. If you feel tired and overwhelmed, strength is a benefit. As you turn your thoughts toward Father God today, He will strengthen and empower you to live as an overcomer in every area of your life.

PS 103 reminds us to consider his benefits and to respond to them with thankfulness and praise. It is a call to remember them in particular, to call them into recollection and to not forget even the least of them.

Even good men are very apt to forget them, as the Israelites of old, who sang the praises of the Lord, and soon forgot his works. The Lord, knowing the weakness of his people’s memories, has appointed an order, to be continued to the end of the world.

We are to remember what God has done for us, in order both to show gratitude and thankfulness to him, and for the encouragement of our faith and hope in him. We are to praise the Lord with our inmost being.

With the 21st century church, many times, only one aspect of our conversion is emphasized — our salvation from the wrath of God to come. It is the notion that to be saved only mean that, when our bodies die our spirits ‘go to heaven.’

Our whole way of speaking has changed. Rather than calling ourselves “those born from above” or “new creatures in “Christ” or “children of God” we call ourselves “saved.” We make distinctions on the basis of whether a person claims to be saved or not. The problem with this way of looking at our faith is that it focuses in on only one (1) aspect of our life in “Christ”.

Yet there is nothing in the Bible that tells us that all the benefits of our relationship with the Lord did or will pass away. Indeed, if we seek, we will find that some believers have appropriated the benefits we have neglected.

Benefits will not accrue to your account until they are formally claimed. Now if you have faith for forgiveness, why shouldn’t you also have faith for healing and all of the other “benefits”? The Lord Jesus Christ:

1. forgives all your wrongdoings

2. heals all your diseases,

3. buys back your life from being destroyed

4. award & honors you with love and compassion, and;

5. satisfies your desires with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s

(just this last benefit is worth receiving…your “youth renewed”? Let me tell you what that means

The eagle is the most majestic bird in the sky, but something happens to all eagles at least once in their lifetime, they molt. In the life of every Eagle, they will go through a molting process that can bring with it a great depression. This is a wilderness time that all eagles will face.

Certain eagles live for about 30 years or more but then they begin to lose their feathers, Their beak and claws begin to alter as well. The experts tell us that during this time, the eagle will walk like a turkey and they has no strength at all to fly. The molting eagle finds himself in the valley, unable to fly, with its feathers falling out. They lose their ability to see, as well, their vision weakens during this time. Calcium builds up on their beaks and they can’t hold their heads up.

Now this is so traumatic, to the proud majestic birds that Eagles truly are. They lose their desire to eat, they only eat fresh meat and they have no strength to hunt. But then another phenomenon takes place. When the molting eagle gets in this last state, often times they will begin to peck on each other, immature eagles will share their misery with others, occasionally killing another molting eagle, as they gather together in one place.

Now listen to this, at this time they will choose some area of a mountain range where the sun can shine directly on them, and they will lie on a rock and bathe in the sun. During this time some have observed other eagles coming and dropping food to the ones going through this “molting” stage.

Yet it’s never the younger eagles that are dropping the food, it is always the older eagles that have survived this experience and know what the “molting” eagle is going through. Eagles molting in the valley, where they once would only soared over to look for fresh kill. But, If they don’t renew, they will die. ”

They grow weaker and weaker. Suddenly there comes a sound from the sky over the valley. Screaming loudly, another group of eagles fly overhead and drop fresh meat over the dying birds. The screaming is encouragement.

That’s what they reckon; the screaming is encouragement from other Eagles who have already gone through this. Some eat and recover but others roll over and die.

Don’t you think all of this speaks of something in our Christian lives as well? There is a time in the life of the Christian believer when it looks as though, and it seems as though they’ve been stripped down to nothing. This process defines a prophetic maturing event that eagles must go through to renew its strength and youth. They are given a second chance to live again!

Tell me that these benefits, that are freely given, are not worthy of remembrance, thankfulness and praise. It doesn’t matter if you believe in all of them or not, they are all available to you through Jesus Christ and His many benefits. Go ahead, claim them, they are yours.

Is there any greater treasure than that of Jesus’ love? Our love for him did not save us. Our salvation is as a result of his great surge of love for us. How could we not expect all good things, all his benefits poured out on us? We are his children.