$$$ Money and Pain

  We allow pain to hide behind  money   in America. We let it hide because we believe in the US, that success cures pain. It doesn’t! Coincidentally, we do not minister to the wealthy. We only minister to the homeless and those on foreign soils that “look” like they need help!” As a matter of fact, we should help
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Mature, perfected love will cast out all fear of getting close to people again! So cast down that fear and allow yourself to love… and be loved…again! Bitterness is outdated! Unforgiveness is just plain childish and deadly! It’s a new day…begin to love again. For, to love is to forgive!

Psalm 91:16 says…”with long life (long-g-g, satisfied life) will I (the Lord) satisfy (fulfill and please) you, and show you my salvation!”  When is there ever a time to not walk the love walk, and to not receive this promise?

Dysfunction of being stiff-necked

God wants everyday obedience from all of us…not just the preachers! THE ORIGIN OF THE WORD “STIFF-NECKED” Stif’ – nekt (literally means, “hard of neck”). The words are used figuratively, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament; meaning “stubborn”, “untractable”, “not to be led”, callous, stubbornness and impenitent of heart, bull-headed, unsympathetic, unfeeling, unmoveable, uncooperative. Usually
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Dysfunctional Obedience

Dysfunctional Obedience is partial obedience! It’s when you think you are obeying, but you really are not!  You obey… but you don’t do everything! Partial obedience is doing “part” of what God told you to do and expecting a return! In 1st Samuel 15:1-10, God told Saul to “destroy” the amalekites, keep nothing…and kill everything!” Saul
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“Real” death is separating from God and following your own path! So, if you have loved ones who have died in “the” faith… they have passed from physical death to “real” thing…Zoe’ life. His life…in which there is NO death. The real ‘grief’ in death should be towards those who reject, or have rejected Him
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