Morning Creative Inspiration!

FAITH connects you with God, the one who can help you get it done! FEAR on the other hand, (and its many manifestations), connects you with Satan…that serpent, the devil; yet you expect it to be done?! FEAR has torment! Have faith in God! Have the God-Kind of faith! “Fully expecting” and “looking for” it to
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I'm in "beast-mode!"

DEFINE “BEAST-MODE”: Going beyond the ‘norm of your humanity’ and excelling in all your actions; and in greatness today! “BEAST-MODE!! Believers…Step-it-Up! It is the fathers’ “good pleasure” to give you the Kingdom! and this kingdom ain’t evil, mean, pitiful , ugly or powerless! This Kingdom is not only in word…but in Power!!! Who is it
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what's your krytonite??

I believe that just like Superman had Kryptonite, the church—the collection of individuals who claim to follow Christ—does as well. Kryptonite was a substance from Superman’s home planet. When he drew near to it, he would lose all his superpowers and become weak—even weaker than a normal man. If you look at the church today,
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