$$$ Money and Pain

  We allow pain to hide behind  money   in America. We let it hide because we believe in the US, that success cures pain. It doesn’t! Coincidentally, we do not minister to the wealthy. We only minister to the homeless and those on foreign soils that “look” like they need help!” As a matter of fact, we should help
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Reproducing You

You can “teach“…what you know, but you “reproduce“… what you are! With any luck, “what” you reproduce will be “what” you taught and what you stand for…not a clone of, or a mini-you! Those values taught, can be internal references for what is good, beneficial, important, useful and constructive, and will generate appropriate, individual behaviors.
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God and Pac-Man?!

We have moved into situations in these last days that no ‘natural‘ counseling will get you out of! You will need some ‘spiritual‘ (God-inspired) counseling…in order to get a miracle from God! If you have “faith in God”, He can turn any situation that is hopeless…around! My analogy here is from the old Pac-Man video game.
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Back up plan

Sometimes because of wrong choices, disobedience or sin, we miss out on God’s “Plan A”. The good news is, God always has a “Plan B”, a “Plan C” and whatever it takes to get us to His final destination for our lives. Worse yet, maybe you weren’t the person who made the bad choices, but
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Hit the Reset Switch!

QUESTION: What am I going to do after losing my dream job? What am I going to do with the second half of my life? ANSWER: As maturing human beings, we somehow keep trying to make life ‘like it was!’ Life, as well as time, will never be or go back to “the way it was!”
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  The Word of God that is in your heart…is designed for Hostile environments! Why are you stressed and feel as if you lost? Use the Word!! It stops the aggressor…in his tracks and lifts you to the place of victory! …far above “ALL” principalities!

Your 'alignments must match your 'assignments'

All of us must have the right relationships in place to guarantee our success in any dream or vision: any undertaking, ministry, business, and relationships! Your alignments must match your assignments! The people who you connect to, or are connected with now, have or will have a profound effect on what you achieve in your life!
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Faith money...

Money is the currency of the seen” realm as Faith is the currency of the “unseen” realm! We only “see in part” with limited experiences. Money is limited but faith is limitless…and it takes Faith, to bring from the unseen… into what is seen!

chasing activity or achieving results

Don’t ever confuse “activity” with “results.” God created you to get an increase and to profit! So what does it mean? I’ve worked with so many entrepreneurs over the years – hundreds directly and many thousands indirectly and have had a chance to see what works and what doesn’t. Many people are under the mistaken impression
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Transferable Career Networking Techniques using "Faith

Transferable Career & Employment Networking Techniques using your “Faith” to Build Relationships Networking is relationship-building! Your network consists of people you’ve met (either in person or online) — and you build your network by going out and meeting more people. Many people understand building relationships when it comes to online dating and pursuing “hook-ups” but don’t seem to
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Resourceful Thinkers

Resourceful thinkers solve problems, they never lack ideas and they always have hope for a better future.   Resourceful thinkers hardly ever find themselves at the mercy of ruthless people who would take advantage of them or try to deceive them, people like Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, who once boasted, “what luck for rulers that
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You can’t change the world standing still! Neither can you change yourself! The most dangerous position to be in is a “casual” one. “Que` serah serah…whatever will be, will be”…is a casual attitude. Stop complaining, shake your own self and get moving! It will make a difference to the life you touch!

You First....

Some things will not part for you until you “step” into it! You’ve been standing on the banks waiting for God to make a way for you to cross-over. He has made a way for you to cross-over, many times before! God says He won’t do it the same way this time! You must take
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