Break out leaders!!

nardrav 2014Break-out leaders are considered exceptional people. Let me explain what I mean by exceptional.

The term “exceptional” is a concept that refers to any group, society, country or people, endowed with a certain level of creativity, uniqueness or power, regardless of, and in spite of the environment from which they have been taken; those who exhibit outstanding, extraordinary, excellent and phenomenal characteristics!

They are not trapped by where they came from! They are willing to break the mold of who people think they are! They are not trapped by ideas, customs, and social behavior issues that might stifle their creativity! Exceptional people are not arrogant, condescending, nor do they have an attitude of superiority towards their peers! They just refuse to be confined or imprisoned by the parameters of their peers. Hence…break-out.“break-out people!”

They are not defined by what people know about them! They stand out from the trends of every day living! They will not be captured by the limitations of the thinking of anyone around them. They refuse to live within the low expectations of anyone!

The question for you is….are you ordinary or exceptional?! Are you a “break-out” person??

Break-out people and ordinary people will always have a conflict, because they speak two different languages! They get challenged all the time by ordinary people, but they refuse to be “ordinary!” They wear nobody’s name but their own; they are trendsetters!

These leaders break out of the box, and go beyond what “is expected of them. Phrases, expectations, and judgments like: “stay in your place”; “you should live like your neighborhood which you came from!”; “what are you doing driving that kind of car”; “why are you opening your own business;”; why are you “talking like that!”; “who do you think you are?”…these slurs do not phase them! They are “exceptional!”

So find that exceptional place in yourself …and in others and live the life God has for you…full of faith, full of love (not lust), full of glory and highly, favored!

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