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Ten Steps to Getting ‘All’ of Your Prayers Answered!!

You should pray to get results. Unfortunately, many people pray, but they don’t receive specific answers to their prayers. I’m going to give you a strategy and show you how to pray to get answers. Once you begin to utilize each strategy, you will know how to get answers to your prayers, you’ll never be in need. You’ll never have to stay sick, stay broke, or stay defeated all the days of your life.

 First things first! Take a Look…



A blast from the past! Years ago…I was around 46 then, but it looks like I was just a little older than a teenager here. God has given us great and precious promises, that if we live and walk continually and believe wholeheartedly in them, we will have them! Promises of: life, health, protection & prosperity…even as our ‘soul’ (mind, emotions, will) prospers!

Stay the course!! He will come through! Sooner or later…it will turn in your favor! After all, we are His witnesses,”…that He is GOD. who cannot lie or die!



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