Leading the next generation: Millenniums

Leaders, you have a great privilege and responsibility to lead and train our next generation well. But it’s important to make sure that the leadership “platform” is last, and only given once they have demonstrated patient endurance, the ability to implement guardrails, and genuine leadership. As a leader, training leaders, you have such a large
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In pursuit of an "effective vision" for your life

Let’s use the biblical figure of Nehemiah to illustrate the effective pursuit of a vision for one’s life.  Nehemiah got the war-damaged city of Jerusalem back together and functioning as it was supposed to. He organized the people to rebuild the city’s wall. He instituted social and spiritual reform. He got the temple operating again,
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Life Fix 101: Career Choice or Life Calling?

Get New Perspectives: Indicators and Resources For many people, life has been about pursuing a career path out of necessity, (choice), rather than following one that closely matches their skills, abilities and innate proclivities (calling).  Many think that if they follow a presumed career path for a number of years that, that, in itself is
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