Consistently recognized as a uniquely gifted leader, NV Daniels’ work and experience as a mentor, coach, life strategist, and educator with reputable organizations have earned her recognition for helping individuals and groups reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

Philosophy : “As I am taught…I teach!

A Gospel Pearl: Trouble

When you’re in trouble, the Lord will reach into the mess and pull you out. However, you must be strong enough not to let people drag you back into it. Once God unleashes you, don’t let anyone trap you into some ridiculous fight! The Lord is your defense. You do not have to defend yourself.
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Temporary Crowns

It is a fatal mistake to assume that God’s goal for your life is just “material prosperity” or “popular successes.”  The abundant life (successful, full life), has nothing to do with just striving for material abundance, and then disregarding and neglecting the more important matters, like justice, mercy and faithfulness…faithfulness to God and His life design.
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Falling Short @Work

Sometimes work is thwarted by our weakness. We simply fall short of the mark. If we recognize that our work is hobbled by disobedience, resentment, laxity, fear, selfishness, and other ailments, we can find comfort in knowing that the mission will ultimately be accomplished and that you are not alone! We may have spoken harshly
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Broken Idol

It’s easy to blame ourselves, or those around us for failures. However, we should not fool ourselves into thinking that failure is always a result of our shortcomings, nor should we believe that success is exclusively due to our merits. Success or failure may be due to just plain ole chance, scripted or unscripted. This
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Your life, and every endeavor…is equal to a “race of life!” You must run your own race , having your own story and telling it, in your own voice. You must have a distinct vision for your own life, always looking towards your goals, while being constantly aware of what’s around you, not focusing too
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Leadership as an impediment

  At the heart of every leaders’ master role…is ethical leadership. Traditional leadership generally involves the exercise of power by one at the “top of the pyramid.” By comparison, the ethical-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.  The highest priority of an ethical leader
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Adjust Your Expectation

Some of you have allowed people to “adjust your expectations” in life, and you have adapted to, and settled for….absolutely nothing; having nothing, being nothing, doing nothing, expecting nothing! Adjust your own Expectation! Dream again! Put some effort into designing the life you want! It is never too late, but “you” have to do it
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Dysfunctional Mentality

  Saturday Morning Musing by Coach NardraV Perception is everything! You need to allow new meditations to dwell in your heart by faith. Many weaknesses such as procrastination, lack of motivation, idleness and passivity could possibly be just draperies, that cover up poor self esteem. They are often, systems of the subconscious mind, which influences your actions
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Morning Creative Inspiration!

FAITH connects you with God, the one who can help you get it done! FEAR on the other hand, (and its many manifestations), connects you with Satan…that serpent, the devil; yet you expect it to be done?! FEAR has torment! Have faith in God! Have the God-Kind of faith! “Fully expecting” and “looking for” it to
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I'm in "beast-mode!"

DEFINE “BEAST-MODE”: Going beyond the ‘norm of your humanity’ and excelling in all your actions; and in greatness today! “BEAST-MODE!! Believers…Step-it-Up! It is the fathers’ “good pleasure” to give you the Kingdom! and this kingdom ain’t evil, mean, pitiful , ugly or powerless! This Kingdom is not only in word…but in Power!!! Who is it
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In the Old Testament, as well as in other writings from the ancient Near East, Wisdom of God, describes and urges “right thinking” and “right actions!” Underlying the biblical Proverbs, is the conviction that God created a” moral” universe. Thus the general principles of “Wisdom” have universal application and are not special instructions to just
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Wise in whose eyes?

One young adult said, ” I choose to drink excessively, but it doesn’t bother me.” Another commented, “Christians try to push young people to believe in their words-or solve everything-just by Bible passages. But it isn’t always like that.” Both these young adults have decided they know more than those with wisdom and experience. They
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The major guideline for making wise choices in 2018

Many ancient cultures conveyed practical advice in brief, but forceful statements, like those in the book of Proverbs. Unlike the proverbs of other societies, which generally focused on how to gain wealth, Israel’s proverbs (we are the new spiritual Israel), are primarily concerned with making choices which honor God. The proverbs sum up insights into
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what's your krytonite??

I believe that just like Superman had Kryptonite, the church—the collection of individuals who claim to follow Christ—does as well. Kryptonite was a substance from Superman’s home planet. When he drew near to it, he would lose all his superpowers and become weak—even weaker than a normal man. If you look at the church today,
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2018  A new Capacity for fulfillment

“Psalm 51:5 “Behold I was brought forth in sin and shaped in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me. The expression, “born in sin and shaped in iniquity,” means that we all had a sinful nature from conception! Certainly, we could not have committed any sins while we were in the womb, but that,
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The 1 Secret You Probably Don’t Know About Outlet Shopping but Should

Lauren Hamer [twitter]  December 20, 2017 People are willing to make the trip if there are deals to score. | It’s not necessarily breaking news that Americans are looking for a deal, but it is interesting that big retailers are using it against you to grow. Today, there are over 12,000 outlet stores across the country,
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