Another Dimension…

When you Walk in the Spirit…you can judge all things, yet all things can’t judge you!
You are mandated to operate at another level and dimension and it will not matter what anyone says about your discerning authority anyway! You are not operating at the sense level as they are, but the spiritual.

When you have been given divine orders from God, it will not make any difference what people say about you! They may be able to talk about you but they cannot curse you!

Don’t waste energy trying to change a natural-man’s mind…he is operating in the arena of the senses and you are in the dimension of the spirit!

No one can curse what God has blessed, anyway! If God has called you to do something…there is absolutely no way any one can stop it…not even yourself. If someone can, then God did not call you anyway!! When God has something for you to do…you can’t mess it up! After all is said and done… you will still go in the direction that God spoke!

Just ask Jonah…who was called to go to Nineveh and after much rebellion and trying to go another route…he still ended up in Nineveh! He finally went to Nineveh and spoke the word that God ask him to speak to the people, and then got mad when the people did not “obey” what he spoke! God did not tell him to make them obey…just to go speak to Nineveh, and leave the rest up to Him.

So be inspired today because I have just helped you identify which level you are receiving your information on and operate. 1Cor 2:15-16

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