May 01

Step forward!





You show what you believe in every undertaking, by what you do…not by what you say!

Your journey begins…
with one step in front of the other!

Apr 30

Say What?




You can’t ask for an audible word from God, when you do not first, do what His written word says do!

Apr 25

Lips and tongues!?

If you desire long life and want good, then seek the Lord! Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking guile!

Many of our parents had an expression, “stop carrying a bone and bringing a bone!” i.e. Stop repeating gossip or hearsay, and for sure, stop with the “throwing shade!” Do not engage in this foolishness! It benefit no one but fools! Fools have their reward!

I believe that’s what is meant by keeping your tongue and lips! Stop trying to go along to get along, with the status-quo…it just doesn’t work that way! Status quo living just doesn’t produce the lasting results that you desire!

If we expect things to go well with us…each day, and certainly if we expect “prosperity” and success to come, then close your mouth and only speak that which is good, honest true and of a good report-then long, happy, fortunate and enviable life will be your reward! After all, if we will be honest with ourselves, that this is what we all are striving for, and stretching hard to achieve!

Depart from evil (get out of mess!) and do good; (not what we call “good”, but what God calls good!).

Let me help you out with how God defines good: “honest, right, excellence and makes for peace, not chaos, disruption and meanness!).

We are to seek and pursue peace, (not jump on the bandwagon to every cause under the sun that God has already rendered His verdict on, and has confidently moved on.) He got this! His judgement and kingdom rules…over…ALL! Move on into the things He has assigned you to do!

His eyes watches over the righteous and His ears are open to their cry, to deliver them out of all their troubles. (and we all seem to have a bunch of that!) However, His word tells us that there will be “many afflictions”, but the Lord will deliver out of them ‘all’!

So…lips and tongues, bless the Lord and do good and keep His word, keep your focus…and the years of thy life will be …many!


Apr 22

Stay Engaged!

Divine Expectation: Be productive at your level!

hall passYou do not get a hall pass to sit around and do nothing!

Whatever your age!

Don’t check out…stay engaged!engaged_2

Apr 21

Your Faith holds your destiny!

the_road_to_destiny1Kingdom Ambassadors, lets remember: Our sense of reason, is our capacity for consciously making sense of things and applying logic.

Reason is how we establish and verify facts, and change practices. However, REASON deals with facts…but FAITH deals with truth! It’s truth that guarantees personal freedom!! Truth sets you free!

For you to get what God has for you, (wholeness, prosperity, etc), it requires the SUPERNATURAL! You can’t go by what the facts say! Remember…you will not be able to say what God says, if youDON’T BELIEVE!”

Regardless of the condition or what the circumstances look like,YOU MUST SAY WHAT GOD SAYS…IF YOU WANT IT! 

Only consider one thing…the Word of God!!
If you are in the Kingdom, all the rules to wholeness are reset by ‘His word’, no one elses!!

Apr 12

Learning from the best!

wildernessIsrael was God’s best…as we are! Those that have committed to His way and His culture, and not the world’s!

On our spiritual journey, we often are confused about the length of time that it seems to be taking until our change comes. We are told to persevere and endure, but many of us have doubts and questioning inside, as to why the journey seem endless. You ask-will victory ever get here? Will success ever show up for us? Let me tell you, success oftentimes is pressed through a problem!

There is a wilderness to conquer before we receive the provision. This bewildering confusion and our own conflicting plans must be submitted and conquered before victory! So get your bush ax and begin to swing forward! Don’t forget, our initial response to this wilderness experience determines whether we will have to lap around again. Our mission is to stay the journey and conquer every obstacle! At some point we must conquer the obstacle, and get off the treadmill or we will die in that wilderness! Remember….the children in the wilderness? Remember why they took 40 years on a journey that should have only taken about 11 days! sheesh!!

Perhaps many of us have the same problems they had! They failed by:

  1. Not submitting to authority-their belligerent attitude, hindered their provision. It kept them from where they needed to go.
  2. Their spiritual dryness-their continual hardness of heart kept them from their promises from God.

Learn from the best! Obedience is a biggee with God. Do not lean unto your own understanding; how you see things; nor how you feel or even what you think is in it for you! He reigns and you cannot win through this wilderness experience without Him!

Apr 11

“Divine nature”

 Engaging in the qualities of  God’s divine nature cause us to operate in a league that the devil or any opposition, can not operate!

This is a totally different realm to operate in…and it takes out the struggles in your life!  Talk about the real meaning of WWJD!

Mar 29

You”re on The field…but out of the game!

basketball_gameEvery one of us have a purpose and a function in this life! We have a “place of duty”, (as it were) to which we have been assigned while moving through this life. Absolutely no one is born without a purpose!

One person’s assignment may seem to be more spectacular than another, but everyone is necessary to carry out God’s greater plans in this world. For the plan to happen, we must be available to God by placing our gifts and talents at His service. Then as we follow on to discover what He calls us to do, we must be ready to do it! For example:

Paul, a leader in the church, was delegated to the city of Corinth, one of the largest and most important cities of Greece and one of the greatest commercial centers of its day! This city was a “melting pot” with a great diversity of wealth, religion and moral standards, yet had a reputation of being fierce and corrupt! The city of Corinth offered great profits through trade and military protection of its ports, but the city’s prosperity made it ripe to all sorts of corruption.

Idolatry flourished and there were more than a dozen pagan temples employing at least a thousand prostitutes. Its reputation was such that prostitutes in other cities began to distinguish the girls there as the “Corinthian girls.”

There were, however, a church there, which included a great cross-section of believers-wealthy merchants, common laborers, former temple prostitutes and middle class families and because of the diversity of people and backgrounds, Paul took great pains to stress the need for both spiritual unity and christ-like character!

Now the city of Corinth was a difficult place to live for a Christian…and believers had questions about what it meant to live for Christ in the midst of all that corruption! Paul was the leader (the talent) that God used to: address their problems, mete out the corrective actions needed, set reasonable boundaries, and to clarify what it meant to be a leader-committed to Christ-centered living. Paul special calling was his function, his assignment and contribution in this world!

Like Paul in his day, God invites us to be Ambassadors for Him in our present-day living! Our gifts/talents are the way in which He will help people become all they can be while on earth.

Like a frustrated coach watching his team bicker on the court, Paul had to call a “time-out!” He saw the dangers of divisions and arguments. All the players had on the same uniform but they were doing as much as “any” enemy, to bring about their own defeat!! They were divided over allegiances and over which position on the team was more important, in such a way that made them all ineffective as a unit! They were all on the field, but out of the game! Their head was not where it should have been!! Their haphazard approaches cause them to forfeit many victories that should have been easy! The struggle was real, the competition is set, and they needed a leader…God’s leadership…a coach named Paul!

Paul summarized God’s foundational leadership principles and church discipline this way:

  1. First, you must accept the invite to become one of God’s Ambassadors
  2. You must think God’s way of thinking (have Gods perspective)…not the world’s. We can spend a life time accumulating wisdom and yet never learn to influence people’s lives! God’s Ambassadors aren’t against rational thinking. We truly believe in using our minds to weigh the evidence and make wise choices, but no amount of human knowledge can replace or bypass God’s wisdom!
  3. God’s power, and his power alone, is the only power that can change people. It cannot be tapped by reciting His name like a magic charm! God works his power only through those who accepts His invitation and commission!


NOTE: Gods leaders must address the struggles, difficulties and failures of the people with the bigger picture in mind.


  1. We must not divide in any way through speech nor action! Strive for harmony and keep arguments concerning personal allegiances off the team! Focus on your coach-Jesus Christ- and the purpose He has for this world. Although leaders may be united in their message, our personalities attract different people.


Divisions among Christians work like brick walls and barbed-wire fences to under-mind the effectiveness of the message of whatever we are to emphasize.

The foundations for the church…the blueprint for Gods leaders and all believers, never changes! Nothing and no other value will do!! A building with no foundation, or a building with a poorly constructed one will not last! The finest materials used to construct a home, quickly rot and fall apart, if it is resting on the ground…because buildings are only as solid as its foundation!!


NOTE: Two sure ways to destroy a building is to tamper with the foundation and to build with inferior materials!


If we are believers, then the foundation of our life will be Jesus Christ! He is our base, our reason for being. Everything we do must fit into the pattern provided by ‘Him!’

What are you building your life on? The only real and lasting foundation or are you building on a faulty foundation such as wealth, security, success or fame! Be careful how you build!


Mar 06

Life intentional  

intentionalEverybody has a dream! What’s your’s? What’s your career aspirations? What’s your divine purpose and destiny? What are your goals and desires? Do you know why you are here on this earth? Are you aware of any human needs that you were sent here to fulfill? No? If you don’t have a dream then how and to what are you wrapping your faith around? What’s the point of even saying you have faith? Faith for what?!

Intentional: an action performed with awareness, done deliberately, consciously, on purpose!

Once God gives a dream, you must act upon it right then! Without acting immediately after hearing God’s direction for the dream in He placed in your heart, you will probably lose it, and the dream dies and you will become disillusioneddisappointed, depressed, dejected, unhappy, angry and fed up on your journey here on earth! This is referred to as ‘sick!’

Once again…the longer you take to act on and acknowledge God’s direction in your life, the more unclear and unbelievable (referred as ‘sick‘) your dream will become!  Sick dreams are like sick people, they lose their appetite and grow fatigued! So it is in the spirit. When you become sick spiritually you become spiritually fatigued and lose your dream(s).

Believe it or not, other people’s eternal destination are riding on whether “you” fulfill the dream that God has placed in “your” heart! Yes, you! Your dreams are designed to light the way for others to follow their own dreams and purpose. This is God’s design for each generation. You must rekindle and fulfill that dream! Ask God to elevate your dream, that He would speak the dream loud, with intensity, so you won’t miss it! If you believe God has given you a dream, you’ll strategize, you’ll plan, you’ll budget, you’ll be generous and you will be “intentional in your efforts!”

So, wake up and rekindle your dream! Be intentional in your life!

Mar 06


Youre only as sick as the secrets you keep!  

Stop hiding them! Bring them onto the light of Gods word! We are cleansed by the Word of God! He sent His Word and cleansed us from all our infirmities! His Holy Spirit was sent to help any and all…our infirmities! Receive Him (His Word) and stay healed!

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