May 28

Communication and Conflict!

In order to be successful in a relationship, the expectation should be based on the idea that you are going to have “meaningful connection” and “communication!” 

Know-it-all people think they know everything! They never improve because they never get any “new information.” They are stuck in the way that they think so much so…that they really don’t know anything, but think they know everything!

 In any working relationship; it’s all about improvement! You cannot improve if you don’t want to listen!

 Listening is not just “being quiet” while someone else is talking! It simply means you are disregarding what is being said! 

This passive-aggressive behavior is not the act of an “adult” who is in the process of “becoming better!”  To become a better, one must listen, as well as learn! However, individuals must “want to” learn, or the effort(s) at developing a meaningful relationship will be fruitless and full of conflict! 

May 25

Break out leaders!!

nardrav 2014Break-out leaders are considered exceptional people. Let me explain what I mean by exceptional.

The term “exceptional” is a concept that refers to any group, society, country or people, endowed with a certain level of creativity, uniqueness or power, regardless of, and in spite of the environment from which they have been taken; those who exhibit outstanding, extraordinary, excellent and phenomenal characteristics!

They are not trapped by where they came from! They are willing to break the mold of who people think they are! They are not trapped by ideas, customs, and social behavior issues that might stifle their creativity! Exceptional people are not arrogant, condescending, nor do they have an attitude of superiority towards their peers! They just refuse to be confined or imprisoned by the parameters of their peers. Hence…break-out.“break-out people!”

They are not defined by what people know about them! They stand out from the trends of every day living! They will not be captured by the limitations of the thinking of anyone around them. They refuse to live within the low expectations of anyone!

The question for you is….are you ordinary or exceptional?! Are you a “break-out” person??

Break-out people and ordinary people will always have a conflict, because they speak two different languages! They get challenged all the time by ordinary people, but they refuse to be “ordinary!” They wear nobody’s name but their own; they are trendsetters!

These leaders break out of the box, and go beyond what “is expected of them. Phrases, expectations, and judgments like: “stay in your place”; “you should live like your neighborhood which you came from!”; “what are you doing driving that kind of car”; “why are you opening your own business;”; why are you “talking like that!”; “who do you think you are?”…these slurs do not phase them! They are “exceptional!”

So find that exceptional place in yourself …and in others and live the life God has for you…full of faith, full of love (not lust), full of glory and highly, favored!

May 06

Smothered Much?!

Avoid people who seek to control and silence your personality! 
These are soul ties, emotional ties, secret attraction relationships; domineering people who come into your life and try to manipulate, control and smother who you are and will not allow you be yourself…and all of these relationships are not necessarily “intimate” relationships! This mean any and every type relationship!!
“Be sober be vigilant; cause your adversary goes about seeking whom he can devour.” Value yourself and guard your heart. Therein flows the issues of your life!

May 04

Wisdom Tip: symptoms & suggestions

Satan uses symptoms and suggestions to take you down, to get you to back off possessing your “promise land.” He wants to get you off truth…and into doubt, in order to get you off your faithsymptoms!

Faith (towards and in God), will always bring you into triumph and victory…any area!

Quick definition – a symptom is simply a sign or suggestion that something’s wrong; It’s an effect. Many symptoms would suggest that perhaps things aren’t right with you and that the promises of God are not yes and amen; but rather suggests that God’s promises are rather No and No way! Satan is a liar! There is nothing wrong with you…hang tough!

Remember, we walk by faith and not by sight, feelings, symptoms or suggestions! Have the faith “of” God and faith “in” the ability of His word to get us where we desire to be!
Gods word is true! It is Infallible, (it is incapable of making mistakes or even being wrong!) Ohh… if we would only press in to know Him more!! His word is immutable (unchanging over time or unable to be changed) and His word/promises will never fail you! If He said it, and if He promised it in the first place, He certainly can “do it!” suggestions
“Cast not away your confidence which has great recompense (compensation) of reward, for you have need of patience that after you have done the will (stand in faith believing) of God…you will inherit the promise!” (of life, health, prosperity and abundance and victory!) 

May 01

Step forward!





You show what you believe in every undertaking, by what you do…not by what you say!

Your journey begins…
with one step in front of the other!

Apr 30

Say What?




You can’t ask for an audible word from God, when you do not first, do what His written word says do!

Apr 25

Lips and tongues!?

If you desire long life and want good, then seek the Lord! Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking guile!

Many of our parents had an expression, “stop carrying a bone and bringing a bone!” i.e. Stop repeating gossip or hearsay, and for sure, stop with the “throwing shade!” Do not engage in this foolishness! It benefit no one but fools! Fools have their reward!

I believe that’s what is meant by keeping your tongue and lips! Stop trying to go along to get along, with the status-quo…it just doesn’t work that way! Status quo living just doesn’t produce the lasting results that you desire!

If we expect things to go well with us…each day, and certainly if we expect “prosperity” and success to come, then close your mouth and only speak that which is good, honest true and of a good report-then long, happy, fortunate and enviable life will be your reward! After all, if we will be honest with ourselves, that this is what we all are striving for, and stretching hard to achieve!

Depart from evil (get out of mess!) and do good; (not what we call “good”, but what God calls good!).

Let me help you out with how God defines good: “honest, right, excellence and makes for peace, not chaos, disruption and meanness!).

We are to seek and pursue peace, (not jump on the bandwagon to every cause under the sun that God has already rendered His verdict on, and has confidently moved on.) He got this! His judgement and kingdom rules…over…ALL! Move on into the things He has assigned you to do!

His eyes watches over the righteous and His ears are open to their cry, to deliver them out of all their troubles. (and we all seem to have a bunch of that!) However, His word tells us that there will be “many afflictions”, but the Lord will deliver out of them ‘all’!

So…lips and tongues, bless the Lord and do good and keep His word, keep your focus…and the years of thy life will be …many!


Apr 22

Stay Engaged!

Divine Expectation: Be productive at your level!

hall passYou do not get a hall pass to sit around and do nothing!

Whatever your age!

Don’t check out…stay engaged!engaged_2

Apr 21

Your Faith holds your destiny!

the_road_to_destiny1Kingdom Ambassadors, lets remember: Our sense of reason, is our capacity for consciously making sense of things and applying logic.

Reason is how we establish and verify facts, and change practices. However, REASON deals with facts…but FAITH deals with truth! It’s truth that guarantees personal freedom!! Truth sets you free!

For you to get what God has for you, (wholeness, prosperity, etc), it requires the SUPERNATURAL! You can’t go by what the facts say! Remember…you will not be able to say what God says, if youDON’T BELIEVE!”

Regardless of the condition or what the circumstances look like,YOU MUST SAY WHAT GOD SAYS…IF YOU WANT IT! 

Only consider one thing…the Word of God!!
If you are in the Kingdom, all the rules to wholeness are reset by ‘His word’, no one elses!!

Apr 12

Learning from the best!

wildernessIsrael was God’s best…as we are! Those that have committed to His way and His culture, and not the world’s!

On our spiritual journey, we often are confused about the length of time that it seems to be taking until our change comes. We are told to persevere and endure, but many of us have doubts and questioning inside, as to why the journey seem endless. You ask-will victory ever get here? Will success ever show up for us? Let me tell you, success oftentimes is pressed through a problem!

There is a wilderness to conquer before we receive the provision. This bewildering confusion and our own conflicting plans must be submitted and conquered before victory! So get your bush ax and begin to swing forward! Don’t forget, our initial response to this wilderness experience determines whether we will have to lap around again. Our mission is to stay the journey and conquer every obstacle! At some point we must conquer the obstacle, and get off the treadmill or we will die in that wilderness! Remember….the children in the wilderness? Remember why they took 40 years on a journey that should have only taken about 11 days! sheesh!!

Perhaps many of us have the same problems they had! They failed by:

  1. Not submitting to authority-their belligerent attitude, hindered their provision. It kept them from where they needed to go.
  2. Their spiritual dryness-their continual hardness of heart kept them from their promises from God.

Learn from the best! Obedience is a biggee with God. Do not lean unto your own understanding; how you see things; nor how you feel or even what you think is in it for you! He reigns and you cannot win through this wilderness experience without Him!

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