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We are the planting of the Lord. He planted us, as a seed, inside a dirt (human) body. If one takes a seedling out of its dirt, it will lose life. A plant that does not want soil will be detached from its life-source and will die! God’s desire is to re-attach us and save us from a ‘bad‘ eternity.

Status update

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out as planned….its better!

Nov 06

To office politics….

Most organizations are saturated in politics…and politics is usually considered not a good thing! You are on that game board and either playing inadequately or playing very well…but you are playing! It is, however, possible to play the game effectively..and with integrity!

Status update

Most organizations are saturated in politics…and politics is usually considered not a good thing! You are on that game board and either playing inadequately or playing very well…but you are playing! It is, however, possible to play the game effectively..and with integrity!

Oct 26

Success Bits…

  Maturity creates Success…not infants!


Oct 23

Be Still!

What did God mean “Be Still and Know That I Am God?”

Be Still! A spiritual temperament that ought to characterize those to whom God’s unfailing promises have been given; to leave it to Him to maintain His own honor; to fulfill His own counsels, and support His own interest in this world!be still2

To “Be Still” is a conscious state, a state of mind where all outside forces are removed, to surrender to the omnipresent one; to be one with His Word.

So, what are these outside forces? They are everything that constitutes your current frame of mind. All that has been manifested in your life so far…family, friends, jobs, bills, homes, money and material possessions. Before you can enter this state of mind or to “Be Still” – faith, humility, and resolve must be present. You can never “Be Still”…if fear, anticipation, greed, lust, anger, and resentments rule your being!

In the worst of times, God says, “Be still and know…I AM God!” Know assuredly that He holds the Power! Stop striving, let go, surrender and find peace in God! Surrender to the “sure” truth that the Lord God is in complete control. Get quiet and trust Him!

So as your world crumbles around you, the call from scripture is: don’t flinch in faith in God. Stand still—not because of a self-made confidence, not because you are the most composed person in the face of misfortune, not because “you’ve seen it all.” Be still because of what you know about God.

If you are the last man or woman standing, “Be Still. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth do change.”

Oct 21

Survival…is not enough!

get up!Sometimes people can develop an addiction to their pain, troubles and woes! They love being in survival mode! As ministry professionals, we sometimes have to determine if they really want change or do they just want to sit on the porch and be made comfortable in their affliction?

Jesus did not die on the cross just so people can just survive, but, so that we all can succeed and accomplish Gods purpose in us, while on this earth! Survival is just not enough!

Why be content in survival mode? We have to ask the relevant question: do you really want to be whole?

It just seems sometimes with people, nothing in their actions lets you or the God you represent, know that they want to get up, and be whole!

The man at the pool of Bethesda had been there “38 years” and was still carrying his affliction! You would think that every year, for the past 38 years, the man would be ready to fall over in the water as the angel troubled it…but instead, the lame man just started moaning and complaining, about other people’s obligation to help him get well, instead of getting his own plan of being first to get in the water! He certainly had enough years to plan it! The account goes on to say that as the angel came down annually, and troubled the water, that whoever got in first would be completely made whole! This man certainly had gotten comfortable in his survival mode and was content to just make a little effort, or rely on others!

Oftentimes, I ask those to whom seek my counsel, this question: What’s wrong with your sight… that being completely whole, is not an option in your life? It’s as if asking the question-“Do you want to be whole”, is seen as being “rude”! Well, If you want to be made whole, then stop justifying the condition! To do so is to give it license to stay with you!

In counseling sessions, I hear all kinds of reasons and stories of why people think they are in their particular condition!!  However, If you like where you are, then no one wants to disturb your position, (no judgement), just stay where you are. But if you want to be made whole (not just getting better)…then Jesus is your answer. He will not make you whole against your will. You will have to be in agreement with Him. You must step around everybody in your circle that do not want any victory! Don’t let people block you! If they do not want their life to be whole, then you must command them to get out of your way!

Remember…Jesus said that His realm of wholeness, victory or success, will suffer violence against it…to try to get you to settle for less than wholeness, but the violent (those who are in Him and are fully confident that health, life, success…is the will of God), …take it by coming against every lie and half-truth!

What’s your affliction? Health deteriorated, lost home? Lost Job? Lost love ones? Too many failures? Not enough money? None of these make any difference. You have a command from God…a challenge…get up and…walk! Jesus commanded (oftentimes, commands appear rude to the natural mind) that the lame man get up! He didn’t feel sorry for him, or sympathize with his condition, Jesus simply said…get up!

Miracles will not happen just because you want sympathy. You need a challenge that is so rude in your natural mind, that it makes absolutely no sense! When you get challenged right…and you respond obediently, you will be delivered, and the thing that use to carry you, you now carry it and you move forward and deliver others.

Oct 19

You and Miracles

If you are going to represent God…you are going to have to come with some MIRACLES!

One demonstration makes up for a thousands sermons!

Why? Because miracles separate people, from dead gods! (Acts 19:12)IMG_1922.JPG

Oct 10

Courage to Win…

Courage is defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

Physical courage is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death, while moral courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement.

It takes courage to be wise, exceptional, rich, educated, knowledgeable and successful! It is a lot easier not to be successful because it takes no effort…you just refuse to make any waves or ripples and accept mediocrity.

If you are more concerned about people than you are God, then you may as well neutralize everything He put in you and just “fit in!”

Dress, walk, act, think, eat, hang out with and do exactly what they do…and once you have neutralized your uniquenessyou will not need Courage!

Rehab the prostitute-how through her courage (not her occupation), caused her to escape death with everybody else! She took a stand on what she believed in and was made right with God by her corresponding act of faith towards the men of God!

After all I’ve gone through, after all my ancestors went through, and after all I saw my mother/family go through, I assure you, I did not come through all of that…just to fit in with normalcy!!

So you see and understand why I have the Courage to go after my dreams…and stand for the Lord!

Oct 10

Back up plan

Sometimes because of wrong choices, disobedience or sin, we miss out on God’s “Plan A”.

backup plansThe good news is, God always has a “Plan B”, a “Plan C” and whatever it takes to get us to His final destination for our lives. Worse yet, maybe you weren’t the person who made the bad choices, but somebody else’s foolish decisions cause you to experience wrenching heartache and pain. You have felt devastated, heartbroken and disappointed.

Maybe you invested a lot of time, effort, money, emotion and energy in a relationship; you did your best to make it work out. But for some reason, things got off course and now you feel as though you have been robbed.

Regardless, you must stop dwelling on it . Let the past be the past. Forgive the person who caused you the trouble and start afresh right where you are today. If you continue to dwell on those past disappointments, you will block God’s blessing in your life today. It’s simply not worth it.

In the case of King Saul and Samuel the Prophet, unfortunately, Saul refused to live in obedience to God and eventually God rejected him.

Imagine how the Prophet Samuel must have felt. He had spent so much time with Saul! Samuel begin nursing his wounded heart and God asked him an important question: How long are you going to mourn over Saul?

God is asking us a similar question today: How long are you going to mourn over that failed relationship? How long are you going to mourn over your broken dreams?

When we excessively mourn over things, we stop God from bringing fresh, new blessings into our lives. In other words, God says,” if you will quit mourning and get going, I’ll show you a new, better beginning.

Anyways… it worked for me! Such a right now word from the Lord today!


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