Jul 23


Desire God’s Best! Desire the best fruit, best schools, best jobs, best homes, best everything, best whatever! The earth is the Lord’s, the fulness in it, the world and they that resides in it!

What God desires to do in this world, through you……leftovers and crumbs will not do it!

Jul 14

Your ‘alignments must match your ‘assignments’

All of us must have the right relationships in place to guarantee our success in any dream or vision: any undertaking, ministry, business, and relationships!Alignment

Your alignments must match your assignments!

The people who you connect to, or are connected with now, have or will have a profound effect on what you achieve in your life!

If you are around people who are negative and speak distrust, skepticism and reservation on your vision..you will never achieve your vision!

Do not be unequally aligned with non-believers, do not go into business partnership with non-believers, marry folks that do not believe in the power of the union, and definitely do not be linked to ‘Christians’ who are not on the same level as you! Neither be attached to people who once believed but are now not in alignment, and are as albatross around your neck! They will be unable to strengthen  your vision!

There is a power pf agreement with the right people! There is a unity in the spirit with the right people! Remember…bad company corrupts good morals!

“Be not be unequally yoke together with unbelievers”… Don’t be encumbered with people who are not in agreement with your dream!!!

Jul 11

The Blessing

the blessingWhen we lose the image of God, as Adam & Eve did in the garden of Eden (the Fall)…we lose the knowledge of who we are…and we fall wa-a-y below our privilege!

Jesus came to restore who we are in God and to restore our ability to see who we are “in Him.” He came to redeem us from the curse of the “law”…not to remove the law, but to redeem us ‘from‘ the Law!

The Law however, is good…if we use it lawfully, but just so you know…the law is not made for a righteous person, but for the lawless and insubordinate, for the ungodly and for sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers (a person who kills another human being), for fornicators, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for liars, for perjurers, and any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine.


We must now activate our redemption by Faith and receive the “Blessing.” Now…with the blessing upon our life, we can go into places and alleviate suffering in the lives of people!

Jul 08

Can we trust you?

Reverend Nardra V. Daniels (archives)
Can We Trust God?

The reason we find it difficult to trust God is because we have leaned onto our own understanding. You have gotten so focused on micro-managing God and his Kingdom.

Can God Trust You?trust

God can only trust you to the degree that others trust you. God can trust you if I can!!!  You can’t really love anyone until you trust them……

Can Others Trust You?

Others can trust you only to the degree that you VALUE your word, your willingness to resist the devil, and restrain your flesh and your resolve to make righteous choices. You can make righteous choices because you have his trustworthy nature.

Trust in the human arena usually means that trust must be earned through integrity, consistent character. Integrity means your right now commitment to do what is right when your back is against the wall. It also means will you tell the truth under pressure….called the balance of trust.

When others trust you, they make you the caretaker of their influence, which you must protect at all cost.

In relationship, people trust you enough to introduce you to their other friends, acquaintances. You become partakers of their influence. You have to value the relationship and not VIOLATE their trust and confidence in you.  When someone publicly acknowledges their trust in you, they automatically confer credibility on you in the eyes of those who trust them. (i.e.) THEIR TRUSTING YOU GIVES YOU CREDIBILITY WITH EVERYBODY THAT TRUSTS THEM. They then give you the opportunity to be around people that trusts THEM! (part of their influence)

When individuals trust you…They immediately put at risk their own credibility because they have given you immediate influence in an arena that you HAVE NOT YET EARNED!

In life, we will always be put in situations where we have to trust somebody, but unlike trusting God-based his own merit. WE have to trust people based on their commitment to VALUE trust and not VIOLATE trust.

  1. Personal Reference –auto shop people, co-workers, etc..
  2. Personal Preference-they like the things that you like, etc…
  3. Project Review-you have seen their work…that is why you have a relationship with them.
  4. Casual Relationships-Ex:-boss, job associates, at restaurants. There is still a level of trust.


  • CARING RELATIONSHIPS-doctors, hospitals, etc…you expect them to do what they are supposed to.
  • COMRADERY RELATIONSHIPS- those you  met through a friend. You trust that your friend was telling the truth about them.
  • COVENANT RELATIONSHIP-trust has to be VALUED because of the lifetime commitment. Must be VALUED and not VIOLATED. EX: Marriages. You trust that they will love, take care of, provide for and stay with you as they committed to.

The majority of problems and disruptions in relationships and visions stem from an abuse of trust. People will abuse your trusts.

EX: you expect me as a LEADER to live a life so that you will never have to be ashamed of following me, as well as the expectation is that I develop a righteous commitment to you as well as God.  Leaders sometimes VIOLATE this trust and cause a tainted view and influence.


AS LEADERS, we also have a level of trust and expectation from YOU!

Can I trust you from now on after a trust have been violated?  We expect you to :

  2. Have his Faith which works by love
  3. Have a good/God self image rather than LOW SELF –ESTEEM.
  4. Uphold our trust in a living God who cannot and will not fail!

We have an expectation within our families that we will not be exploited, they will not violate you and will not lie to you. So our definition of Trust is Truth. TRUST =TRUTH!  No Matter what, “a lie is a lie, whether we speak a lie or live a lie!




  1. He trusted his fathers’ integrity
  2. Did not allow his disappointment of his bad decisions/choices keep him in the hog pen.
  3. He believed he could be restored
  4. He understood the value of restoration!

Many times when people have VIOLATED TRUST-they become the “victim” instead of realizing that they are the ones with the PROBLEM! (“i.e.) it’s everybody else’s fault!

People that violate trust, have had clear instructions as to what they were suppose to do. (work the plan, pay the bills to avoid the shutoffs, evictions, etc. they are NOT the victim as they try to portray, but they are THE CAUSE!

One of the greatest stories of trust, is with Abraham as he was told by God to take his only son up the mountain and kill him!!!!  He had to (as well as each of us), remember the promises and remember that God had always come through time and time again, in the past….just as he promised, and will do so…for us! Value your own word as God does His…


Jul 08

Praise will always bring success! Praising God that is

“whoever offers praise glorifies me, and to him who orders his conversation right, will I show My salvation.” Psalms 50:23praise

In any endeavor, any undertaking, we must go to God (Jesus) and do what He directs and how He says to do it!

We, meaning those that are calling ourselves…believers, saints, Kingdom people, born-again believers!

Remember: to trust in, and to hook-up with, the “world”, to be involved in their formats and ideas… is to “not” put our trust in the Lord! In fact, we would be preferring something/someone other than Him/His way/His wisdom, especially when we go whole-hog with the world’s defining of our success!

This week, as we follow Him, His directions on the instructional package (His Word) …and as we “believe the  sent one’s, we will prosper in whatever we are attempting! For he sends His word to heal us and deliver us from all our fears! He will help us, just trust Him from the heart and do what He says.

Whichever way we decide…and we will choose…the methods of His Word or the system of the World; and we will eat the fruit of our choices!

But GOD……His mercy and grace will still be poured over us…for a season! I really don’t even know why He would help us like He does. It certainly isn’t anything or any commitment that we have done. We generally do such shameful things…the majority of the time! But His nature: He is faithful to us even in our unfaithfulness.

Many times, the reason we back up off of God’s direction and wisdom… ultimately, is because we are AFRAID (fear). Fear has torment!

We oftentimes feel helpless and powerless and are afraid that God will not ‘do it.’ But remember, the Kingdom that you have been invited to enjoy…“ain’t in a feeling”, but in having total confidence in His ability. Not in what our perceptions about ourselves and His responses will be.

Remember, your perception’s creates your own reality, not the reality guaranteed by our father God! We can’t do anything that will stop God/Jesus from restoring and or delivering us. His word to us will always be… “go and sin (miss the mark)..no more”….even if we sin the same way…70 x 70, for the same thing…in the same day!! He has made all the provisions for us to succeed and to remain victorious!

He is our waymaker,  our way out, our peace, our victory… and has already given us…”the Kingdom!” We must however, access it from the inside out… and not from the outside in! He already has blessed us with all spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus and material blessing, because of our being the seed of Abraham and in covenant with Him! We are heirs to “life….liberty….and the pursuit of what makes US happy!

God is Love, God is Life, God is Word…from the “Beginning!”

Jul 08

See Beyond the Current Perception 2014

Recently, as I reminisced back over the years (we do that when we reach another major benchmark birthday ;) , I was reminded of the fact that things in my life certainly did not go according to the “set” plans and directions that I had made when I first completed college at the tender age of 21.big picture My life have not turned out bad at all, but how I transitioned into my purpose, was certainly not the paths that I would have taken.

My route took me inevitably where I wanted to go, but not in the manner in which I had planned. Oftentimes, we make plans to travel on the road of least resistance, not realizing that the resistant path helps us to mature, defines our purpose and helps us to “see” clearly.

Those experiences of traveling upstream in a downstream environment defined me in ways that I could not begin to understand if I tried!

I can truly say now: “I can see clearly now…the rain has gone!” Hard torrential rains that never seemed to let up and pushed me into a “when it rains it pours” mindset!  Can you  relate?

Now many years later, the flooding has stopped and even though there are new rains, new showers, they are more refreshing, revitalizing rains and showers of blessings. I realized that my journey has empowered me so much that it brings strength to each life that is touched. (so they tell me) I conclude that this was my divine purpose from the beginning. I finally got it…who I am, what I am suppose to be doing and; who would best be impacted from my “design.”

I now see better, how things really are. I see things that could be, and should be and I now work more confidently, to make them a reality. What steps are you willing to take to make necessary changes happen as you transition through this life in which we have been given? Just how far are you willing to go to be successful? Have you found your “path?” How do you know its “your path?” Are there verifiable signs, if so what are they?

Hard Questions?  Let me hear from you!  

Author’s Note: This perception is still relevant today, as I wrote this in 2009!

Jun 26

A Miracle!

“Logic” will NOT produce your Miracle!brain-thinking “Anytime you ask for, or deal with a super natural miracle…it must be through the God-Kind of Faith!”

Jun 24


smile Jesus Loves youWhen I tied into the Love of Jesus….it healed me from all the people ..who didn’t love me!

Jun 22


There is power in agreement but there is also “power” (though negatively) in disagreement!

If two or three are “in agreement,” with the will of God…God will show up …(not in your own personal negative agreement, but in agreement with His purposes….

For we are workers together “with” Him, not against Him!

Jun 20


Revelation is the Doorway to Power!

No revelation? No Power! No Power? No Victory!

Man does not live by bread (provision) ..only, but by the “revealed” RHEMA, (inspired speech) Word of God!

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