Jul 01


huhMost people “know church” more than they “know God.”
…the people that do “KNOW” their God shall be strong and do great exploits! Dan 11:32

Jun 29

Is your BED your obstacle?


Are you tired of not functioning? Of being met with obstacle after obstacle? Tired of laying in the bed? Are you tired of not being involved and connected in your family, your job, your relationships?

Many times people make a bed (excuse) for those systems and structures in their lives that do not function! They overcompensate for their inabilities and for things that do not work in their life!

They continually rationalize their weaknesses and go overboard to cover for incapacities. They rationalize and overcompensate for the way they handle money, for where they are in their career, and make excuses for why they have a whole lifetime of failed relationships in their life!

They do not confront what’s wrong in their life…they make a bed for it! They comfort their dysfunction rather than confront it!


THE BED: The place that’s dysfunctional, the place that holds one immobile, the place where one gets stuck; the place of overcompensation; the place where one just cannot move!



Sometimes, you WILL need help to get mobile but don’t allow others to do for you, what you could do for yourself! Don’t allow others to debilitate you.  Do not hook up with people that are just as paralyzed as you! Hook up with people who are taking you someplace, not those that hook up with your crisis but cannot carry you forward, and are limited in the same areas to which you are limited! Do not hook up with those who are immobile and just keep you company in your dysfunction…those who want to make dysfunction look “normal.”

How many times have you made a decision that you did not keep? How many times have you made a vow and broke it? How many times have you known inside, what was right to do, yet did not respond with action? How many times have you made promises and did not keep them? If you can relate to this…maybe you are the person in the bed!!!!




Jun 29

Essential ingredient for success in life: Water

Water is an essential ingredient for life…of any kind! It is absolutely vital, so vital that without it, we die. Life is the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional reality from a dead one! The word of God tells us that Jesus is the ‘fountain of life’ and referred to as ‘living water.’ Without this ‘living water, every endeavor we have including our life itself…dies. 


He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.”water

Water was scarce in Jesus’ day, yet water was as much a necessity for life then, as it is today.

Just as the physical body needs water to continue living so does the spirit.

Jesus is the water needed by the spiritual part of man. Without Him the soul (mind, emotions, will) will eventually die.

The soul is thirsty and we try to quench that thirst with many things that satisfy for a while, but eventually we get thirsty again. The only thing that can truly quench the thirst of the spirit is the living water…the living word, Jesus Christ.


“I’ve got a river of life flowing within me; It started gushing up when God set me free.
That I keep the flow is my only plea.
I’ve got a river of life springing within me. Once I call His name there’s a flow within; It turns me from my day, makes Him Lord again.
As my spirit burns, Satan cannot win.
Calling, “Oh Lord Jesus,” keeps the flow within.”

Jun 16

ciao! haters…

Haters are people who exhibit strong distaste for something or someone, often in a way that evokes anger, hostility or animosity.ciao
So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.Truth is, people confuse jealousy and envy with hate. People who are envious of us, don’t hate us…they want what we have, or want to be where we are.
But, if you don’t address those that are envious of you, the jealousy can ferment into hate.


Haters don’t start as haters. Hate has different phases. Opponents grow to enemies, enemies grow to those who have contempt for you, who grow to be the true haters. They impose their self-loathing on others. There is no reason in a true hater. As humans, we make the mistake of thinking we can fix people, that with enough love, even true haters will stop hating’. They won’t. The hater wants to knock someone else down a notch.


When these haters cannot find “bona fide” fault in you…consider yourself…perfect!

This perfection doesn’t mean you are faultless, but is meant in this connotation… to have integrity and correctness! There are no obvious inaccuracies, ambiguities or vagueness about you or your personality. There won’t be vagueness and haziness about where you stand on any issue!


You are usually precise, distinct and attentive. This perfection means you have come to a level of maturity that enhances not only your own life, but those of the people around you. You are extraordinary… distinctly unique, not mediocre or mundane. There are a lot of people who simply “go along to get along.”


The purpose of their own life usually gets lost in years of hard living and dissatisfaction, because they have settled for being a carbon copy of someone else, rather than liking who they really are. For many, their own imbalanced and marred view of their own personality and their inability to interact with others, frankly and confidently, causes them to feel as if they are not enough to strive for “perfection.” Fear of the “haters” finding some type of “fault” with them and their life’s perspective has paralyzed their very existence.

Haters will, many times attempt to design schemes to entrap individuals into disfavor with the “powers that be”… appealing to their ego, statue and authority. They will appeal to those in authority (usually those with “excessive, pretentious egos”) in order to work their schemes and will ultimately involve you in what they consider some kind of misconduct or misbehavior.

For many haters, entrapment is the hidden tool of choice that is used to afflict and come against a person of obvious integrity. Their envy, imagination and perceptions of others, get the better of them.

Integritous people usually outshine haters, and in turn, cause haters to do and say things designed to hurt people of integrity… and their influence!

For me, I can usually process instances of people hating my life view by going to my own authoritative source and final authority…the written Word of God! This tried and true reference always gives me clarity and direction as to how to handle every situation… and I do mean… every situation… I succeeded over every one! Hence..my journey in life has been most successful and happy!

Here’s my own personal reference that I found for all the “haters”:

“The ‘disreputable’ watches the reputable and seeks to eradicate, to diminish and downgrade their influence, the LORD will not leave him in his hand.”

My favorite empowerment scripture is found in Daniel chapter 6. This text displays a superb example of haters attempting to entrap an individual named Daniel. Daniel’s enemies knew that he prayed 3 times a day (as is his spiritual commitment) so they coerced the King to put a law on the books decreeing that whosoever would pray to any other “god” beside himself (the King), would be dropped in a den of hungry lions! The king agreed. Talk about an “inflated sense of one’s own importance!”

When Daniel became aware of this decree, he continued to do what he has always done “serve his God” continually! He continued to pray, continued to believe and would not bow under the pressure of disillusioned individuals. He continued to be steadfast, unmovable, bold and faithful to the real God who had called him! The outcome, as you may know, was in his favor. No harm came to him, only to the ones that attempted to entrap him!

There will always be haters… but not many people of essence.

Let’s all stand for something more than associating with insecure and superficial relationships that cannot have your back or those that have no prospect of success. After all, we are all striving to be successful and not failures… right?


Jun 11

Give your life…Life!

IMG_3263.JPGThe word of God, if you get it into your life…will raise up…anything that’s dead!! It will give life to….things that have died or has cease to produce in your life!!!

Did your job just end? Did your business stop producing? Did a relationship just go sour? Do you want them restored?

Well,  If you put the Word of God in any endeavor in your life, water them constantly (job, career, business, relationships)….they will live…again! 

Jun 08

NOTE TO SELF: You Think It’s Strange?!  

If you are extremely effective at what you do, you are going to draw a certain amount of maltreatment and singling out!

Some people will love you until they find out how effective you are, then a spirit of1-strange
intimidation seize them and they will attack you…not because you are not winning, but because you are! Don’t assume you are persecuted because you are doing something wrong! Sometimes it’s because you are doing right and being very effective!

For the most part, there are many people who are intimidated about EVERYTHING!! They are
intimidated about others success, the type of dog another person has, the house others live in,
other people’s talents and abilities, their family, their family history, other people’s statue in
life…and the list goes on and on and on. It seems to never end!

People’s insecurities oftentimes cause them to react in a discriminatory way towards others and
oftentimes they are not aware of it because it is so ingrained!

We all must identify our own gift set and purpose in life, and accept that we are all effective, as
long as we are comfortable with who we are. We do not have to operate at the
level of other people but we do have to flow within our own strengths! When we
compare ourselves to another, we automatically authorize or give power to that individual.

In the Word, King Saul eyed David in such a way! Even though he was King, his insecurities caused him to hurt the very one that was call to help him. David was a strategist in warfare, had wisdom and insight and favor with many of the people. (Favor with man is oftentimes indicative of having favor with God.)

The last straw for the King came when dancing women began to compare him with David and King Saul began to fight a man that he had invited into his life. Sometimes people can switch on you. They hire you, invite you, run with you and then end up fighting you. Initially, they liked your personality and they were drawn to you because of the very qualities that they hate now.

They fight you… over what someone else said about you, or over conversations to which you were not
privy to! They cannot stand anyone being celebrated outside of them! They begin to attack your purpose through destructive competitiveness rather than healthy competition.

We all like to win and should be aware of our own competitiveness, but also you must understand what your own gifts are, in order to monitor whether you’re victorious or not! Your success should not be based on unhealthy comparison of someone else’s view. You must not deny yourselves of success and fulfillment simply because you make the benchmarks of another… yours.

For King Saul and David…the outcomes worked out in David’s favor. With Joseph and his brothers, it was the same outcomes. They sold him, he was imprisoned, falsely accused…yet because the Lord was “with” him, he still became ruler over all and his gifts still manifested in spite of the persecution!

So do not think about any situation that you are facing as though some strange thing has happened.
It’s just part of our Kingdom journey!

You will always end up where you were supposed to! Keep abiding in His love and will be able to ask for anything and it will be given to you. If they have persecuted our Lord, they will persecute YOU!

If they keep His word, they will respect yours also! Remember, the servant is not greater than his Lord.

All these things they do to you because you represent the authority that’s in the name of Jesus and His Kingdom! Every bit of bad treatment you experience is simply because they do not know the one that sent you to represent Him…Jesus, the Lord! Stay connected to the Lord by way of His Word.

We must all love one another, not as Cain, who slew his own brother, simply because his own works were evil, and because of his jealousy. We must live in the agape` love.

Remember, you are of God and you are a conqueror! Anyone that really knows God, will hear you. Those that are not of God will not receive from you nor hear you. This is your training and an indication of how you will know the spirit of truth from the spirit of error. Live your purpose and remember…It’s just part of the Kingdom journey… not Strange at all!

Jun 07


We are of the God-Class…not what is considered the “World-Class!

The  God-Class far supersedes  this “world-class!”

How you living?!

Jun 02

faith-n business….

God-kind of faith is “only” dependent on the word of God! This faith is Faith for “any” endeavor. 1-spoken word

Bible faith is spoken! (Mark 11:24) “Whosoever” shall say unto this mountain (issues, problems, hindrances, etc…) be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those thing which he “says” shall come to past; he will have whatever he says! (this is the God kind of faith) ”

You must believe it first and that is what comes to past! So stop trying to do business the worlds way and trying to get people’s  approval!

We are called to be different and to do things differently!

God speaks what He desires and that’s what comes to past!! That is how the earth was formed. He spoke what He believed! Not what people believed about what He believed.

Nothing works in the kingdom without “love“, nothing works in the Kingdom apart from a seed and nothing works in the Kingdom without Faith…the God-Kind!

May 14

Candy-Coated Poison!

candy coated poisonMany times, people who simply go to church, who are not committed totally to the cause or teachings and waiver in their commitment…talk as if they know the bible better than anyone here on earth!

There are so many of these pretenders, spouting off what they think the bible means, rather than what it actually says and what it actually mean, that the non-believing world finds it so-o difficult to determine what “is” the real truth! When we read the word with the Spirit, the true meaning is giving to us in three (3) dimensions! (mind, soul, spirit)

These counterfeiters only know it in a two-dimension arena! (mental, soul) They are so busy spouting off their “cunningly devised fables” and watered-down truths! Their dialog only appeals to those having itching ears…only wanting to hear something to make them feel good about their dis-function!

Apostle Paul said to Timothy, his spiritual son, his protege`…“Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils…  (7) But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness.” 

The word “seducing” has the idea of ‘deceiver, imposter’.  Refuse means ‘to beg off, that is,deprecate, decline, shun: – avoid, (make) excuse, refuse, reject.’  Not only was Timothy to not listen or pay attention to them, but he was to outright reject them!  No matter how attractive or interesting a fable may be constructed, the warning was given that it could be candycoated poison!

Keep in mind that Timothy has been serving as a pastor and elder to the churches in Ephesus.  That city was where the temple of Diana was located.  It was the largest temple in the Greek world – one of the 7 Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  The city was a very idolatrous city.

Undoubtedly, those who believed on Christ had to forsake a lot of ‘baggage’ and customs.  There were many pressures on the churches there…to adopt pagan practices, customs, mentalities, models, etc.  Paul is (in effect) warning Timothy about the abomination of using pagan trappings, terms, mindsets, personages, likenesses, etc. in an attempt to teach the truth – irregardless of how ‘pure’ the moral of the story was. The end achieved is irrelevant, if the means is pagan.

Paul goes on to explain that even though the perceived benefit of using pagan fables is the spreading of truth, in reality it works the opposite!


2Timothy 4:3-5 warns “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.  But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, (the practice of giving information about a particular doctrine or set of beliefs to others)…make full proof of thy ministry.”

Paul warned Timothy not to even go down the path of using an imposter-truth as opposed to the sound Truth – God’s Word.  Why does Satan want a mixing of paganism and Christianity?  Because he knows that it will ultimately turn people away from truth.  Our sin nature does not want to hear God’s Word.  Under the guise of receiving truth, many people are more comfortable hearing about a watered-down and adulterated ‘truth’.


Satan wants and desires for the sincere milk of the Word to be contaminated.  This is precisely the danger that Paul was warning Timothy to be watchful of!  He was telling him that, yes, there will be pressure to find new and interesting ways to share the Gospel; but, we should not turn to Satan’s temples and books for inspiration!

Apr 19

Reproducing You

You can “teach“…what you know, but you “reproduce“… what you are!excellece an attitude

With any luck, “what” you reproduce will be “what” you taught and what you stand for…not a clone of, or a mini-you!

Those values taught, can be internal references for what is good, beneficial, important, useful and constructive, and will generate appropriate, individual behaviors.

People are individuals, and ultimately, the responsibility lies on their own ability to manage and apply what has been taught!

The most highest honor given a person…is to be honored with people who can model those standards of excellence that can help solve human problems. Each one teach and reproduce …another!

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