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Nov 23

Go to Win!

connect to GodFaith connect you with the ability of God! So go by faith and go to win! “You…have the God-Kind of Faith!”

Nov 19

Possesing your sphere of influence

One seed will convert  and influence a whole garden.convert garden

Guess what? You are that seed…impregnated by God and planted in this earth in a particular sphere to which you are to influence!

When God calls you, you are to cultivate His kingdom and not yours! When He gives you His faith, you are to go into your sphere and get predictable results with everything you do. He plans for you to win in every arena! He will “always” and in every situation…causes you to triumph! That includes insisting that you not do things or conduct business the way those who do not know Him personally and intimately does! Some of the success principles He allows and others He tells us to seek a more kingdom mind in doing them.

On the other hand, when God tells you not to do something or stop doing it in a particular way, it’s not to stop you from being successful or from excelling or having fun with it…but it’s to keep you out of the ditch and to keep personal failures to a bare minimum! Operating in Gods principles will get you God’s results: success in life, health and business!

Our natural proclivity as human and distinguishing characteristics—ways of thinking, feeling and acting—tends to get us to act independently of the influence of God’s culture. No one needs to coerce much for us to go that route, for this is our natural human-nature, and not the God-nature!

Coincidentally, you need a new experience that will bring you back in line with God’s nature, purpose and culture! This new experience, called His wisdom, will convert your life, businesses and even your whole nature; and ultimately society’s culture. God’s principles are so designed that you ‘might’ (given the effort)…have and experience life at a higher, more successful level!

For instance, the natural law of gravity says….if one jumps off a building and they will hit the grou-und!

So it is with Gods principles….action produces consequences-good or bad! Do them and experience success!

Remember…You and I are dispatched here to produce another culture: The Kingdom!

Life is more like a box of jalapenos than a box of chocolates! If you don’t apply wisdom, what you do today may burn your tomorrows.

Life truly is about gaining wisdom so that you can learn to handle any situation with peace and grace. Since everyone experiences the ups and downs in life, wisdom is the key delineator between successfully navigating the storms of life or being added to the growing list of shipwrecked lives.”

Wisdom is the summit…seek His wisdom, for those who earnestly seek heavenly wisdom, will never complain that they have lost their labor.

There is a way that seems right but the end of those ways are the ways to the cessation of all vital functions: vision, purpose and productivity!

Oct 26

success perspectives…

success perspectivesSuccess Perspectives-Aligning for Success

Some people only dream of success while others wake up and work at it! Why do we try to fit in, when we were made to stand out? We were made to be different, unique, not ordinary but extraordinary! Success in life, success in business and success in relationships!

We each have a unique fingerprint. We also have a unique preferred communication style. We each Act, Feel and Think differently. Learn yours, understand others as well.

However, don’t measure yourself by other people’s idea of success, nor allow others to intimidate you. Every situation is either an obstacle, or an opportunity, and you get to choose! Your definition of success is determined by you and not other people.

Do not be afraid to spread your wings and dream! Plan, and expect to be triumphant!

If you lack wisdom in any area…seek the masters of knowledge and understanding and the doors will open! Doors of understanding, doors of counsel, wisdom and might.

Other doors that you need opened will open as you pursue your vision. These doors of opportunity may not mean much to others, but I am sure it will mean everything to you and also to the ones you seek to empower!

Just calm down and relax and watch as door after door of opportunities open. Most cases, they will look like “burning bush” experiences!

Oct 23

Confident Leaders!

confident leaderGood leaders don’t pretend to know where they’re going when they don’t!
A good leader knows enough to say…”I am confident in my own personal self, that I can admit to failure, fault, and weaknesses!”
If a good leader believes himself to be perfect…than he will never improve!

Oct 13

One Hunuth! 💯

Remember the phrase-keeping it One Hunuth? Well let’s! You can’t obey God and lose! I don’t care what it “seems” or “look” like!

Oct 01

Oh for the rest!

resting 2There is a “rest” for the people of God! Without resting and trusting in His ability, you will get into fear, and this fear will connect you right back to the curse…the curse that you have been delivered from…poverty, sickness and spiritual death! Without a doubt, your enemy the devil, the wicked one is behind death and curses…not God!

God wants us to trust him when we can’t even find evidence of His being involved in our situation… and unless we “rest” from trying to work it all out ourselves…God simply will not work on your behalf! When we are not at rest we begin to toil and struggle to get something done ourselves…and when you do that…you are not in faith!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart! Everyone who is tired and weary from attempting to find a way for yourself…He’s waiting for you to “enter in” to His rest.

There is a rest for the people of God. However, we do not enter into that rest because of our own unbelief. We waiver as to the validity of His promises. Just know that God is faithful! He has no reason to back pedal on you or doubt His own ability.

He is Lord and besides Him there is no other that can come through and deliver like He can! Many imitation of God claim to be the ultimate one, but there is no God like our God-Jehovah Eloihim. He proves himself to all! He is the God of Abraham Isaac, Jacob and, of course…nardraV! What do you need today? I dare you to even act like you believe and trust the ‘living God! He will show up for you! Guaranteed!

Sep 29

Job Search Advice Outdated?

IMG_0005.JPGIs Your Job-Search Advice Wildly Outdated?

Job searching has changed significantly in the last 10 years, and a lot of traditional advice no longer matches up with how successful job searches work today. In fact, most job seekers have story upon aggravating story about the bad advice they have received from well-meaning friends and family who just wanted to help – but instead steered job seekers terribly wrong.

Here’s a quick checklist of some of the most commonly repeated pieces of bad advice out there. Take a look, to see if you need to revise your strategies for your own job search.

1. “Employers will be impressed if you take the initiative to show up in person instead of just applying online.” Also known as “go out there, and pound the pavement,” this piece of advice has been around for a long time – and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

In most fields, showing up to apply in person will mark you as unprofessional and out of touch. Most employers provide specific instructions about how they accept applications, and it’s nearly always limited to electronic submissions, often through a specific online application system they’ve set up. (Retail and food service continue to be exceptions to this; in-person applications are more common in those fields.)

2. “Call to follow up on your application, or you won’t look interested in the job.”

Legions of job seekers have been taught that calling to follow up on applications is an essential part of the process. Maybe this worked at some point, but these days many employers frown on follow-up calls. Persistent following up mainly shows that you don’t understand how the hiring process works and don’t respect the hiring manager’s time. Similarly …

3. “Say in your cover letter that you’ll call in a week to schedule an interview.” A whole generation of college graduates has been instructed by campus career centers to include this in their cover letters.

Those career centers should talk more frequently with actual employers, because in reality it comes across as pushy and overbearing. Job seekers don’t get to decide to schedule an interview; once they’ve submitted an application, the ball is in the employer’s court to decide which of the strongest candidates they’d like to speak with.

4. “Go ahead and inflate your current salary. Everyone does it, and employers don’t really check.”

Everyone does not do it, and employers do check. And when they do, the lie can torpedo a job offer that had been a sure thing, because lying in your application is a very big deal.

5. “The best jobs aren’t advertised, so you need to network your way into them.”

Networking can be hugely helpful, but plenty of people get jobs by applying to publicly posted job ads. But the real reason this advice is problematic is because it leads people to do things like send their résumé to their neighbor’s sister’s friend and ask this total stranger to recommend them for a job at her company. (Unsurprisingly, the neighbor’s sister’s friend is usually disconcerted by being asked to vouch for a stranger, while the job seeker thinks he’s just doing what he’s supposed to do.)

6. “You need to find a way to stand out from the pack. Send the hiring manager chocolate, turn your résumé into an infographic, send a hard copy by overnight mail or otherwise deviate from the usual job application process.”

It’s understandable that in a tough job market, people start wondering how they can stand out from the competition, but gimmicks like these make candidates stand out in a bad way.

The boring reality is that the way job seekers stand out is by being highly qualified for the job, writing a great cover letter, having a résumé that shows evidence that they’d excel at the duties of the job and being warm, responsive and enthusiastic. Trying to circumvent those basics usually just comes across as naive or overly aggressive.

So, how many of these pieces of bad advice are you guilty of giving to friends or family in the past – or of following yourself?
credit: Alison Green

Sep 24

Faith Fuel

 In this life, there are gravitational pulls…circumstances and situations that attempt to hold you back or to pull you down! These pulls mimic the force of gravity! Gravity is defined as the natural force that causes things to fall toward the earth.

1-fail fuelWithin these gravitational pulls, particles of matter tend to attract other particles with a particular force, in which the objects with more mass have the higher force.

Human beings are also subject to natural laws that closely resemble the laws of gravity…things tend to fall or to be drawn downwards! A major thrust is necessary in order in order to make the internal adjustments necessary to rise above and defy this pull!

In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton proposed his law of inertia, which states that a body at rest tends to remain at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Bodies will continue in their current state, whether at rest or in motion, unless acted on by a greater outside force!

With this thought in mind, I thought about this law in terms of the law of human inertia: The tendency of people, having once established a life trajectory, to continue on that course unless acted on by this greater force. That “greater force” is called the law of thrust, and is dependent on the availability of the fuel called faith– faith fuel; and when this “fuel” runs out..the production of thrust stops!

The closer I look at human behavior, the more startling are the similarities. People, like asteroids, are set on a path by those early forces and continue on that path throughout their lives, for better or worse, unless other forces alter its course. The trajectory on which our life inertia carries us may also be as arbitrary as that of the asteroid, because when we are young we have no more influence over the direction of our life inertia than does an asteroid over its course. Neither asteroids nor people choose their initial path, and, like the asteroid, we are often unaware of the course we are on or what propels us down that path.

Seeing people in this dynamic perspective completely changes the understanding of what it takes to bring change to the direction of people’s lives. We can now see that people aren’t “stuck,” as so many refer to themselves, when they are dissatisfied with their lives. In reality, they are moving at warp speed propelled by multiple forces along their life path. As a result, small forces such as a modest insight, a brief “Aha!” moment, or a nudge from a friend, simply won’t provide adequate force to counteract those that currently drive us. On the contrary, because of the great forces that are already controlling our lives, even greater forces must be applied if there is going to be significant change.

If we could step back and look at the path of our lives, many of us might see that we are, in significant ways still on the same trajectory, still reacting to the world much as we did when we were children. We might, for example, still be carrying a hair-trigger resentment of authority or be trying hard to please others as opposed to meeting our own needs.

Why might we still be acting in ways that are no longer useful to us? Because many of those childhood experiences still control us. We can see their presence in the attitudes and beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world, the emotions that dominate our lives, and whether the decisions we make and the actions we take are beneficial or harmful to us.

We can get clues about what’s controlling us by looking at the jobs we hold, the people with whom we surround ourselves, the activities in which we participate, and the routines that we follow. But the ultimate clue is whether we believe that we are in control of the direction of our lives.

People may feel helpless to change the course of their lives, but as much as they may want or have tried to, some people just can’t seem to alter its trajectory. The reason that change is so difficult is that “law of human motion.”

If people are going to change, they will need to apply forces that are greater than the forces currently controlling the direction of their lives. To slow down, change direction, and go where you want to go will take a huge amount of “fresh energy”…called thrust!

Fortunately, we are not asteroids hurtling through space, lifeless pieces of rock over which we have no control. We are much more like spaceships — full of capabilities that are ready to be harnessed and directed if only we know how — that we have not had control of through most of our lives. We can gain control of that spaceship that is our life, and we can become the masters of the journey of our lives. We can achieve total command and be free to “explore, seek out new life and to boldly go where “not many has gone before.”

Aug 23

No more waiting for Daylight!



Are you waiting for daylight so you can get up and do something?  Do things appear hopeless and you find yourself digging around in the dark? His word is light in dark places; so no more waiting for daylight before you will move out! Grab the word and take that step! He will not fail you!

Sometimes desperation takes over courage! It masquerades as ‘courage’! So stop defending mediocrity, it is exhausting!

Step into surrender! Do things Gods way, for your family, your business and you will never ever regret it!

So die to self efforts, self exhaustion and self defeatism right now and God will take you places only ‘dead men’ can go!! Step into surrender!

No more waiting for the day to dawn! Go and shout to the world that you have already found your answer!!! Now work! 

Aug 22

Love can’t stay silent

speakLove can’t stay silent!

The real ‘act of love’ is more than an emotion! It has to weigh (assess the nature and importance of an issue), and have to speak up!
It cannot stay silent…even with the hard issues!!

The real act of love, will never betray, turn its back…nor walk away , even if its uncomfortable…It never fails! Truth will always…prove more powerful than opposing forces!

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